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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Highlights and Sidelights by Belio Lucero

Here are some of the highlights (and sidelights) of our recent trip to Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort, as seen by Kanayon Belio Lucero. He used a Canon 5D Mark III with a 24-105mm lens in these pictures.


Belio Lucero is a resident of Capitol 8, Pasig City. He’s happily married and works in a company that manufactures lighting fixtures. He goes to the gym on his spare time and is interested in biking.

He recently travelled to Bali, Indonesia to attend a photography workshop and to take pictures of the famous tourist spot. He’s an active member of the Club and was with us in Pila, Laguna and Villa Escudero. He’s a Canon user.

Congratulations Caloy!

Caloy’s entry to the recent Photo World Cup (PWC) for the month of April with the theme “Long Exposure” was included in the Top 30 (out of more than 500 entries).

The PWC is a monthly photo contest conducted by the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF) and it is participated by its affiliated camera clubs all over the country.

It’s an honor for Nayon Photographers’ Club to be represented by Caloy. We’re proud of you!

Here is the entry of Caloy.

long exposure by caloy iblasin

I can only guess where this picture was taken – Nasugbu, Batangas?

Caloy Iblasin is a resident of Pasig City and Dasmarinas, Cavite. He plays football in his spare time, ascends to mountain summits, and works for a financial company in Bonifacio Global City. He’s in a happy, romantic relationship and he’s a Nikon user.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lake Sebu by Boboy Ramiro

The Seven Falls of Lake Sebu is in South Cotabato, Mindanao Island. Here’s a nice photo taken by Ka-Nayon Boboy Ramiro.

Lake Sebu 2

This is one of the Seven Falls of Lake Sebu. Fabulous photo isn’t it?

Lake Sebu

That’s Ka-Nayon Boboy as photographed by his habal-habal driver.

Boboy Ramiro is one of the most traveled Nayon Photographer. He’s been all over the country. He’s also one of the jolliest person I met. He’s a Nikon user.

Villa Escudero by Majie Asuncion

Nayon Photographers had a great time at Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort as you can see in this pictures of Majie Asuncion.

majie asuncion nayon at villa escudero 2

Mamerto and Darwin Valdez, snipers.

majie asuncion nayon at villa escudero 3

Belio, being chased by giants.

majie asuncion nayon at villa escudero 4

Caloy and Willy

majie asuncion nayon at villa escudero 5


majie asuncion nayon at villa escudero 6


majie asuncion nayon at villa escudero 7

That’s Alfred in yellow camisa de chino. Best in costume.

majie asuncion nayon at villa escudero 8

That’s Don Mel and Don Boyet.

majie asuncion nayon at villa escudero 9

The presidents – Deiy in 2012 and Edwin (current)

majie asuncion nayon at villa escudero

The Nayon Photographers at Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort.

Majie Asuncion is an attorney who works for the government. He’s happily married with several nephews and nieces. He’s also a proud citizen of Pateros, Metro Manila and a Canon user.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The First Time I Attended a Nayon Meeting

I first attended the meeting of Nayon Photographers’ Club last September 9, 2012. I was invited by Caloy and Mel to observe how they conduct their meeting. It was a very nice experience.

A week before that, I posted an article on Digital Photographer Philippines about my bad experience with the Facebook group Bawal Mag-Shoot Dito (BMSD). It was my rant against this group who claims to champion the rights of photographers. I later found out that the founders have their own agenda and I told all about it on the famous forum. Caloy read my post and he invited me to attend the Nayon meeting.


The Ortigas Building where the monthly meeting of Nayon Photographers’ Club is held.

The venue of the meeting was at the 2nd floor of the Ortigas Building, which is the seminar room of the Ortigas Foundation Library. The place is nice, comfortable and projects the image of learning. It reminds me of the meetings of the Knights of Columbus – organized, with an agenda.

The meeting started with a prayer, followed by a short opening remark by the president of the club. I was with 2 other new members (who never showed up in the next meetings). We were asked to introduce ourselves, what are photography background are, how we learned about the club and what we’re expecting to get from being a privileged member.

The meeting was very formal (first impression) so I introduced myself in English. I told them that I’m a call center agent and I was invited by Caloy. I told them that I’m a certified newbie when it comes to photography and that I want to join the club so that someone (with more experience) would criticize my works for improvement. Looking back, I probably sounded nerdy for speaking in English (or probably “maangas”). I’m not use to public speaking and I got my baptism of fire.

So I met most of the club members and got along with Caloy, Mel, Mon, Marc and the rest of the members. I remember that Willy presented his photographs to the members but the projector is having technical issues so I haven’t seen much of his photos. I also learned that there is a meryenda half-way through the meeting (which is great).

I was surprised at the photo contest after the meryenda. I was amazed at how good the Nayon Photographers are. It was also my first time to judge a photo contest. It seems that it’s a tradition that the first timers (and guests) are usually the judges. I remember that the theme was related to seascape or bodies of water. I gave high points to a picture of a boat with a great view of the sea.

It was a nice experience to attend a Nayon meeting. It’s full of camaraderie, small talks, learning, and exchanges of ideas about our passion (photography). That’s probably the reason why I became an active member and never missed a monthly meeting since that first encounter.

I want to thank Caloy for inviting me to join a great photography club.


I was surprised to know that Israel, whom I first met at Pasig Shutter Bugs, is also a member of Nayon Photographers’ Club.


The first Nayon meeting I’ve attended was last September 9, 2012. Deiy was presiding over the meeting.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 19, 2013 Meeting


The Nayon Photographers who attended the May 19, 2013 meeting.

The monthly meeting of the Nayon Photographers’ Club is held every 2nd Sunday of the month, with the exception for this month. We were at Hacienda Escudero last week and we moved our monthly meeting today. The meeting place is still at the same venue – 2nd Floor of the Ortigas Building, Ortigas, Pasig City.

The meeting started around 2:30 PM with a prayer led by Peter. It was followed by the presentation of the meeting’s agenda and it was discussed one by one. Today’s topics include the Manila Memorial OTS. It was discussed by John Fernandez (past Nayon president). He also presented the importance of photography in 3 of the leading broadsheets in the country – The Manila Bulletin, The Philippine Daily Inquirer and The Philippine Star.

John Fernandez presented the trend of these leading newspapers to use photography in their front page to attract more readers. Truly, The PDI is the best among the 3 broadsheets when it comes to the use of relevant photos in their front page. Indeed, it’s worth taking a look at some of the pictures on the front pages of these newspapers.

After John’s presentation, some future events by the Club were discussed – videography workshops, nude or sexy photo session, the upcoming photo summit in Cebu, Photo World Asia 2014, among others. Members of the Nayon Photographers’ Club were also invited to other workshops that aim to improve public speaking, marketing and on-site videography.

Around 4:00 PM, we took our very festive meryenda of pansit, empanada, barbeque, and a variety of suman called tupig. Johannah brought the delicious pies (empanada) which were made by Pat-a-Pie. We would also like to thank Darwin Valdez for the delicious tupig.

After the meryenda, the photo contest (judging) took place. There were 2 Photo World Cup (PWC) themes that were judged – “Women at Work” and “Long Exposure”. The Nayon side contest has the theme “Bridges”. It was a tight competition between Team Pasig and Team CAMANAVA. A lot of Nayon members are from these two cities.

The meeting ended with the awarding of the winners and a picture taking of all the winners. The next Nayon meeting will take place on June 9, 2013.

BTW, Alfred is the new Marketing Manager of JanSport Philippines and he’s selling the renowned brand of bag for only P700.


John Fernandez discussed the importance of photography in today’s leading broadsheets.


That’s veteran photographer Luis looking at this month’s entries.


That’s Peter with a product photography equipment.



That’s one of the judges telling us why he gave a certain photo high points.


Doc Edwin presenting the 1st Place Award to Caloy for last month’s Pailah Festival OTS.

Fantastic 4 by Darwin Valdez

3 guys and a girl

This picture of photographer Darwin Valdez was taken at Hacienda Escudero during the Feast of the Ascension of Jesus.

Darwin Valdez is a Nikon user and hails from the province of Tarlac. He’s one of the newest members of Nayon Photographers’ Club (since March 2013) and he’s an accomplished wedding photographer.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nayon Photographers at Hacienda Escudero


Members of the Nayon Photographers’ Club recently held an OTS at the famed Hacienda Escudero in Tiaong, Quezon. Last May 12, 2013 was the Feast of the Ascension of Jesus and the Club was the exclusive photographers of the event.

We thank Don Ado of Hacienda Escudero for his generous invitation.

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March 10, 2013 Meeting

Here are the highlights of the March 10, 2013 meeting of the Nayon Photographers’ Club. We also have 3 new members: Darwin Valdez, Johannah Chiu and Ace Anselmo.

IMG_1089Winners of the Club photography contest for the month of March.


Bidding of the Canon Pixma printer.


Nayon Photographers’ Club monthly meeting held last March 10, 2013. Our new member Johannah purchased the Pixma printer that the Club received as a prize from the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF).


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