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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

“Architectural” Winners

Here are the winners of the club level for “Architectural” (PWC), February 2016.

  1. Betty Lalana – P600 reward
  2. (tie) Jan Koumar and Boyet Guevarra
  3. Lian Hernandez
  4. Nonits Estorninos
  5. Joey de Leon
  6. Betty Lalana
  7. Lian Hernandez
  8. Jan Koumar
  9. (tie) Elmer Domingo and Lian Hernandez 
  10. Boyet Guevarra

by Lian 2

by Lian Hernandez

by Lian 3

by Lian Hernandez

by Lian

by Lian Hernandez

by Nonits

by Nonits Estorninos


by Elmer Domingo

“Chaos” Winners

Here are the winners for Nayon’s Side Contest for February 2016 entitled “Chaos”:

  1. Elmer
  2. (tie) Nonits and Jun Tivi
  3. (tie) Nonits, Elmer and Jun Tivi
  4. Jun Tivi
  5. Boyet
  6. (tie) Betty and Boyet
  7. Peter
  8. Joey de Leon

by Jun Tivi 2

by Jun Tivi

by Jun Tivi 3

by Jun Tivi

by Jun Tivi

by Jun Tivi

by Nonits 2

by Nonits Estorninos

by Nonits

by Nonits Estorninos

Friday, December 18, 2015

5th Place Poster-Making Contest

Congratulations Kanayon for winning 5th Place in this year’s Poster-Making Contest by the FPPF. Thanks Jana for this wonderful output.

Nayon Poster 2015

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

“Father & Son” Winners

Here are the winners of the monthly Nayon Creative Contest with the theme “Father & Son”:

1st Place – Boyet Guevarra

2nd – Joey de Leon

3rd – Betty Lalana

4th – Nonits Estorninos

5th – Elmer Domingo

6th – Nonits Estorninos

7th – Betty Lalana

8th – Elmer Domingo

9th – Daryll Fagarang

10th – Daryll Fagarang

Elmer Father & Son

5th Place – Elmer Domingo

Elmer Father & Son 2

8th Place – Elmer Domingo

Daryll Father & Son

9th Place – Daryll Fagarang

Daryll Father & Son 2

10th Place – Daryll Fagarang

“Unity” Winners

Here are the club winners for PhotoWorld Cup (PWC) October 2015 Theme “Unity”.

1st Place -- Joey de Leon

2nd -- Betty Lalana

3rd -- Elmer Domingo

4th – Daryll Fagarang

5th – Boyet Guevarra

6th – Elisa Consul

7th – Nonits Estorninos

8th – Elisa Consul

9th – Nonits Estorninos

10th – Boyet Guevarra

Elmer Unity

3rd Place – Elmer Domingo

Daryll Unity

4th Place – Daryll Fagarang

Friday, September 11, 2015

“Men At Work” Winners

Here are the winners of Nayon’s Creative Contest with the theme “Men At Work” (July 2015):

  1. Atty Majie Asuncion
  2. (tie) Atty Majie Asuncion and Boyet Guevarra
  3. Daryll Fagarang
  4. David Saturnino
  5. Jun Tivi
  6. Jun Tivi
  7. Betty Lalana
  8. David Saturnino
  9. Belio Lucero
  10. Nonits Estorninos

by atty majie 2by atty majie

Entries by Atty Majie Asuncion

by daryll

Daryll Fagarang (3rd Place)

by jun tivi 2by jun tivi

Entries by Jun Tivi

by ka boyet

Boyet Guevarra (2nd place, tie)

Nonits Men At Work

Nonits Estorninos (10th Place)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Recent Winning Entries

Here are the recent winning entries of Nayon Photographers’ Club (NPC) in the FPPF PhotoWorld Cup (PWC) for the themes “Gold”, “Urban Life” and the Panagbenga Festival OTS.

PhotoWorld Cup 2015 is a monthly-themed competition conducted by the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF) and is participated by the member camera clubs, across the country.

10th Place Elisa Consul Gold

Elisa Consul, 10th Place, “Gold” (April 2015)


Alfred Tan Urban Life

Alfred Tan, Finalist, “Urban Life” (February 2015)


Atty Majie Urban Life

Atty Majie Asuncion, Finalist, “Urban Life” (February 2015)


Elisa Consul 4th Place

Elisa Consul, 4th Place, Panagbenga OTS


Peter Swann Finalist Gold

Peter Swann, Finalist, “Gold” (April 2015)

Other recent Nayon winners included:

Alfred Tan, 12th Place, Panagbenga OTS

Israel Opao, Finalist, Panagbenga OTS

Jojo Valdez, Finalist, Panagbenga OTS

Joey Carino, Finalist, Panagbenga OTS

Atty Majie Asuncion, Finalist, Panagbenga OTS

Joey de Leon, Finalist, Panagbenga OTS

Boyet Guevarra, Finalist, Panagbenga OTS

Peter Swann, Finalist, Panagbenga OTS

Joey de Leon, Finalist, “Solitude”

Israel Opao, Finalist, “Solitude”

Congratulations to all the winners! Hope we’ll gather more awards in the next themes.


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