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Friday, September 11, 2015

“Men At Work” Winners

Here are the winners of Nayon’s Creative Contest with the theme “Men At Work” (July 2015):

  1. Atty Majie Asuncion
  2. (tie) Atty Majie Asuncion and Boyet Guevarra
  3. Daryll Fagarang
  4. David Saturnino
  5. Jun Tivi
  6. Jun Tivi
  7. Betty Lalana
  8. David Saturnino
  9. Belio Lucero
  10. Nonits Estorninos

by atty majie 2by atty majie

Entries by Atty Majie Asuncion

by daryll

Daryll Fagarang (3rd Place)

by jun tivi 2by jun tivi

Entries by Jun Tivi

by ka boyet

Boyet Guevarra (2nd place, tie)

Nonits Men At Work

Nonits Estorninos (10th Place)


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