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Sunday, April 19, 2015

“Worm’s Eyeview” Winners

Here are the winners of Nayon’s Creative Contest for April 2015 with the theme “Worm’s Eyeview”.

1st place – Majie Asuncion

2nd – Boyet Guevarra

3rd – Betty Lalana

4th – Alfred Tan

5th – Boyet Guevarra

6th – Alfred Tan

7th – (tie) Joey de Leon, David Saturnino and Roger Baligod

8th – Betty Lalana


8th Place – Betty Lalana

_BLV5581 smfl

3rd place – Betty Lalana

Atty Majie

1st place – Atty Majie

by Boyet 2nd Place

2nd Place – Boyet Guevarra

by Boyet 5th Place

5th Place – Boyet Guevarra

by David Saturnino

(tie) 7th Place – David Saturnino

by Joey de Leon

(tie) 7th Place – Joey de Leon

by Roger Baligod

(tie) 7th Place – Roger Baligod


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