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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Star Gazing by Mel Ganelo

Mel Ganelo, Boyet Guevarra and Caloy were at Barangay Malico, Santa Fe, Nueva Vizcaya recently. They visited the rest house of Nayon President Edwin Lim. Mel Ganelo took these wonderful shots of the night sky at the mountains of Barangay Malico.


Mel Ganelo and Boyet Guevarra


The rest house of Nayon President Edwin Lim on the mountains of Barangay Malico.


Mel Ganelo is a certified public accountant. He’s also an outstanding salesman with a very reputable name on and other online sites. He’s married and lives in Valenzuela City. He was the Photographer of the Year 2012 of Nayon Photographers’ Club.

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