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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Facebook Group PhotoTiangge

DISCLAIMER: Nayon Photographers’ Club is NOT in any way affiliated with the Facebook Group Photo Tiangge.

PhotoTiangge is a Facebook Group organized by my photography friends from Nayon, Mel and Caloy. In the words of Ka-Nayon Mel, the objectives of PhotoTiangge are as follows:

This group is exclusive for buying and selling of photography related items and services. Knowledge sharing and tips are also welcome. Any non-photography related posts will be deleted without prior notice.

This group is a non profitable one so any member may post for free but subject to existing rules and regulation. (subject to future updates)

Let's keep this group simple, fair and just to everyone.

What are you waiting for? Post na!

You can visit the Facebook Group PhotoTiangge here and start posting your photography needs.

Photo Tiangge

Photo courtesy of Ka-Nayon Mel.

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