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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Saint Pio Chapel, Libis

by Elmer Domingo

I work in Libis, Quezon City at Mercury Drug Center (MDC) 100 building. It’s at the entrance of Eastwood City opposite Citibank. I’ve been working here since December 2013 and it’s my first time to work in Eastwood City. When I’m not at work, I find time to take pictures. Yes, I’m a hobbyist photographer.

It was just recently that I’ve discovered the Saint Pio Chapel – a nice place to pray, meditate and take pictures. It’s a Catholic Chapel located at the back of a gasoline station, near the Intrepid food court. I guess it’s famous for the numerous rosaries given by devotees of Padre Pio (now Saint Pio) – the famous monk who received the Stigmata (our Lord’s wounds). This chapel is also famous for its numerous pigeons that live within the area of the chapel.

As a photographer, this place is a haven for photography. There are several subjects! Even if you’re not Catholic, you’ll appreciate the place. Sunday is filled up with devotees and pilgrims. Children sometimes are chasing the pigeons (which the management strongly opposed), devotees are praying before the golden-image of Saint Pio, Saint Francis, Our Lady, and there’s a life-size image of Our Lord, praying.

If you’re within the vicinity, I would suggest visiting this place, not just to take pictures, but to meditate and pray. With the intercession of Saint Pio, who knows, maybe you’ll return with a rosary – a manifestation that your prayers were granted.



Story and photos by Elmer Domingo. He’s been with Nayon Photographers’ Club since 2012. In 2014, Elmer Domingo served as the club’s Secretary.

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